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Payment Processing Solution for Industrial Hemp

Looking for a turn key solution for processing your Industrial Hemp based products and services on your website or venues? Recently shut down and need to get back up and processing immediately?


Hemp Currency = Bitcoin

  • No Special Bank Account Required

  • Get your own Physical Visa Debit Card

  • Instant use of your electric Visa Credit Card.

  • No dealing with Currency Exchange or intermediaries

  • No worries of having your account suspended or your funds being held by 3rd party processors like Paypal and others

  • Processing Fees are similar to other popular processors

  • Lock-in exchange rate at the the time of sale

  • USD deposit into your "Hemp Currency" Visa Debt Card within 48 hours or less

  • Dedicated Manager with live tech-support via email, web or phone

  • Small start up fees

  • Integrate the "Hemp Currency" solution with your current Joomla Site

  • Website development w/shopping cart + processing solutions set up options available

  • Easy, convenient, cutting edge and evolutionary way to pay, buy, and sell

  • Nettmegleren guide to find Online brokers that facilitates buying and selling stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, etc.,

Get Started Today!

Start Buying and Selling with Bitcoin today using 1620Solutions.com processing solution. Alternatively you can make use of crypto brokers like Crypto Bank for buying and selling Bitcoin. When you visit the crypto bank site, you will learn more about how this bot operates, including how it analyses historical events, monitors market changes, and makes a successful trade with significant investment returns. For more information about 1620Solutions.com here or Click Here to get started now and set up and New Account.

  • "PayPal shut me down, held thousands of dollars because of hemp?!! Never again..

    Thousand of dollars held for at least 90 days with nothing more then an email. Finally reached someone at PayPal after 4+ months and they said NO COLORADO HEMP especially with CBD. Lost so many daily sales because of Paypal.
  • "Easy to use and set up, now teaching my customers how to paywith this amazing solution"

    I was concerned that using Bitcoin would be hard from me and my customers to transition to. I quickly realized that many of them had already heard of Bitcoin and we totally open to trying it
  • "So glad that i have this option now both my website sales & wholesale transactions! Thanks"

    This is a great option for me and my hemp products. I can foresee that this will be a common place use and way to pay for a lot of things soon online and at retail locations. Glad I am part of the Evolution!
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