Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1620 Solutions, and what are its goals?

1620 Solutions is an extension of, operated by the same team, its intended goals is to educate the hemp industry on the benefits of circumventing the ongoing financial censorship with its integration to allow you to accept payments Online and in person for your legal hemp products/services.

What currencies are supported?

We are primarily focused on Bitcoin, as it offers the most security and greatest ease of use; however, your Mycelium Swish account does have an option to for your products with credit card payments. Contact us for more details.

What are the fees?

Our fees are listed in the product descriptions; Credit card fees (both physical and virtual) apply and are be located here (insert link to CC fees from Shake).

Who should use 1620 Solutions?

We welcome all to explore if 1620 Solutions can offer them financial services and payment processing for their Online commerce, but our primary demographic are growers and producers of industrial hemp and other hemp related goods and services at this time.

How can I reach you about my account?

If you are a member you will have a 24 hour support system, if our live technician is unavailable your inquiry will be directed to a support ticket system which will be addressed at our earliest availability to ensure your question or concerns is addressed.

What happens if my I can't access my account?

We understand that confusion with new technology is an issue, which is why we have offer our account management and support system for a minimum of 6 months so as to best ensure that if it does occur in that time frame we will be able to solve a situation like that, or any that might occur.

What other services do you provide?

We are continuously exploring new technologies to best suit our clientels needs, we are currently trial testing NFC contactless payments from your mobile Bitcoin wallet; we are also very excited to offer Cryptopad (Insert link here) which will have a series of workshops to best match the client with a novel and secure device to conduct their Online commerce.

If you would like to reach us to see if your product or service can help solve a problem, you can do so by reaching us at the contact information below.

Still need help?

For general inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please continue to check back for ongoing updates to this FAQ page